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WeLead Rapid Tooling Service ?
Rapid Tooling is served as a bridge for prototype to mass production. With its low cost compared to the traditional molding, rapid tooling can reach to low volume production without large investment during the product development stage.Rapid tooling provides the customization necessary for personal applications.Instead of tedious trial and error measurements, rapid tooling can be fast and control all the process. Depends on the part structure and required quality, WeLead if make inserts or make the features directly on the mold.
WeLead provides rapid tooling in MUD(Master United Die) in the mold base. In other words, customized core and cavity is applied to a shared mold base, this allows shortening the lead time.
What is Rapid Tooling?
Rapid tooling so called bridge tool or pre-production mold for transitioning the part from prototype concept to end product. This process is commonly used in the field of injection molding and pressure die casting and serves a low to medium volume production.Tooling Steel:Al7075,P20,NAK80,etc.
Tooling structure: We use interchangeable mold base and will consider hand loading insertion or post-machining to simplify the complex tooling structure.
Tooling life: Ranges from 5,000 to 50,000 shots and depends on the metal, part’s geometry and the injection resin.
Tooling cost: At least 40% less compared with conventional tooling.
Tooling lead-time: At least 50% less time than conventional tooling
Benefits of Rapid Tooling?
Shorten Lead Time: It can save 40-50% timing compared to conventional tooling. Customer can receive the part quickly to put on market.
Save Cost: With MUD and shared mold base, it allows you to save your cost but receive the same perfect quality product.
Flexibility: Hand loaded insert achieves simple tool structure, and changeable tools make it easy for design changes.
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